The RumRunner has been quenching Tucson's thirst since the 1960's. Originally a drive thru liquor store, The Rumrunner has grown with the city and is today a destination wine shop, spirits emporium, gourmet market and home to one of Tucson's best restaurants, The Dish bistro-bar.

Wine abounds at the RumRunner All types of wine. From every significant wine producing region of the world. All of the "top names". Some truly "rare finds". And, importantly, a wide array of "everyday best buys"... lest we forget that wine should be an affordable luxury. Click on the "Best Buys" link to check out some of the best deals in town. As for the "top names" and "rare finds", the list is simply too long and too volatile to include here. We hope you will stop in and take a look around.

Spirits are what built this business. We pride ourselves on our selection and are mindful of the old saying "you should dance with the one who brought you". From the ordinary to the extraordinary: single malt scotch, fine cognac, small batch bourbon, artesian tequila, triple distilled vodka, and (need we say it?) premium rum.

We like to call it "Intelligent Service". Any questions? That's OK, we'll do our best to answer them.

Case discounts are offered every day, on every bottle of wine or liquor. Yes, that includes sale items, closeouts, and even collectables. Not a gimmick or a hook. Every bottle, everyday, even the sale items. The rules are simple: twelve bottles (750 ml or larger) mix or match saves 10%. Easy.

In-house/Chef-prepared "gourmet-to-go" complimented by a nice selection of quality goods... about 100 imported and domestic cheeses, proscuito, chorizo, paté and more. Fresh Caviar. Baguettes daily. Yummy chocolates and confections. Olives and olive oil. Vinegars and mustards. Jams and Jellies. You get the idea. Nice stuff.

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